Final Idea

The Final Idea

Welcome to ‘Go Jurassic’.



A tour across a section of the Jurassic Coast that uses a mobile application to guide an audience to built installations set up in specific areas along the coast.

A set start location would be advertised and anyone taking part could either download the application to their own mobile device or borrow a mobile with the application pre-built onto it. From there, the app uses GPS mapping to track the user location and guide them to the next point of interest. Users can choose to enable a voiced tour guide and have on screen text that informs them about the area as they walk around the coast. At each installation, the users gather the next location for the tour onto the mobile device and can choose to spend as much time as they want enjoying the interactive activities offered in the buildings.

These installations aim to educate and the entire family audience, adults and children alike. They offer facts and history as well as interactive screens for anyone to enjoy and learn about a vast range of topics.  There would be one building in each main location of the tour so this would probably equal around 3 buildings. The picture below is an extremely basic mock-up of what it would look like and a rough location. People would be able to stop off here and rest while learning about their location through the mobile device.

The app also offers a way for users to capture a moment in their day and take something away from the experience. When activating the camera through the application, users can take a picture of anything they like, the app then tracks user location and depending on where they are in the coast, an area specific fact is printed onto the picture for the user to save. You can then take these photos at the end and print off a ‘Jurassic Coaster’ using your photo, this is simply a drinks coaster and souvenir of the day.

From feedback, I gathered that I needed to think more about distance of locations and how exactly the user is going to travel from one place to another. The sociological needs and practical issues are important and would always need to be supported so I thought about ways I could cater for any audience.

Here is a potential App tile that would be seen once the application is downloaded.

Depending on distance of installation, shuttles would be provided to take families nearer to each location so that they wouldn’t have to walk a huge distance to go from one point to another.

With response to feedback I feel like this is the most final, redefined idea that stands alone as a unique experience, fitting to a specific client and sets itself apart to cater for a specific audience.


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