My Audience

Primarily, I wanted an audience that I felt I could realistically cater for when attracting them to the Jurassic Coast. I first began thinking about the type of people who would want to make the journey to the Jurassic Coast and what their incentive to do so might be. I decided I wanted to get younger children more interested in the history of the Jurassic Coast and the only way to achieve this is with the parents taking the children to the coast. Therefore I developed this idea further by choosing to provide educational and entertaining content for a family audience.

My client was the ‘Lyme Regis Development Trust’ as they are a trust who would suit a project which aims to offer education and entertainment to a wide range of people, a family audience specifically would be perfect as something can be offered for the children as well as the adults. The family audience is one that in general has no limitations, it isn’t culture specific as a family on vacation could see the attraction in the Jurassic Coast through the digital media asset and wish to learn more about the area because of this.  Families are usually looking for exciting days out normally as an excuse to leave the house and give the children something to do so this makes the coast something readily available to explore and find enjoyment in. This audience also makes thinking about the digital media asset much more interesting as a number of features need to be created to supply for the wide range of age groups; this ultimately creates an informative digital experience shared in an outside environment.

With any day out, there are complications and sociological needs to be thought about when developing and building such a vast program of ideas. Transport issues need to be considered to make this a viable and realistic idea as well as some of the sociological points when considering how to provide for a family audience and range of ages. All of this will be taken into consideration when moving on with the idea and structuring more layers in the overall design process.


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