My Client

The Agenda

The aim of this Trust is to promote the economic and social well-being of the town and its environments. It aims to focus on creating certain economic activity that will help benefit the town and attract tourism during the seasons of spring and autumn. They also aim to appeal to a number of age groups through specific projects for students to websites intended to help the elderly and allow people to connect with each other. This agenda is one that fits my audience perfectly. The fact that they aim to connect with as many age groups as possible and for benefactor reasons make them a suitable client to support promoting a family audience. My idea is likely to be one that a client such as this would support as it aims to bring in more people to the area but also has a job in being educational and informative. This makes the situation much more realistic and allows me more freedom when building my ideas further.


How do they run?

They run by using partners such as the Natural History Museum to help fund and speed up the process of creating and successfully finishing certain projects. The sponsors help the trust to use and access locations to create events and other organisation to connect social and age groups together. Again, this information supports the idea that this is the type of organisation who would be interested in supporting my idea of an outside tour aiming to bring in families and get them interested in what the Jurassic Coast has to offer. They already have previous experience with similar types of events and festivals making them a completely viable and trusted company.

What do they do?

The Trust is involved in a number of projects including the Jurassic Coast Earth Festival which is in fact led by them. They help construct educational facilities for students of geology and the Jurassic Coast helps them do just that. This is further evidence that demonstrates why they would be suitable in being behind a project that brings families more in touch with the coast. They have experience in running programs aiming to educate young children which is what the tour I plan to draft out aims to do with the children also.

What does this say about them?

The evidence and body of projects completed and helped with show that the Lyme Regis Development Trust are a trusted group and would be a realistic option associated with a digital media asset linked with the Jurassic Coast. They would be keen to promote the Jurassic Coast and would want to work with any ways to help enhance such a historical area. Therefore I feel they would want to engage with a support an outside/virtual tour of the Jurassic Coast via a mobile device.

How the client sees themselves?

The client sees themselves as a way of connecting the community and the local people through the culture and environment, as well as offering new and exciting opportunities for people visiting nearby locations such as the Jurassic Coast.

How does the public see them?

The public see them as a trusted brand who offers new and exciting ways to educate and entertain people using the environment and features of the land. Due to this perception, it is likely that families will be interested if an organisation such as the ‘Lyme Regis Development Trust’ are working on a new project to help entertain and educate a wide range of age groups with a day out activity.




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