Research and Trips

Pre-Jurassic Coast Trip

Before going on a trip to the Jurassic Coast I planned a few ideas that I needed to examine when I was actually there. I already had my client and audience settled on so It was important that I examined the area for possible locations to set up a tour structure or any places that installations could be built to help educate the audience on the surroundings. These were all things I took into consideration of and did research on before I actually went on the trip so it made sure I had a focus to the day and knew exactly what and where I was looking for.


Trip to the Jurassic Coast

This was an important day for the design process as it was where I would begin to finalise the ideas of my digital media asset whilst looking into specific locations and areas of interest. I also planned to look at the types of people visiting the coast and question the reasons into their visit so I could then develop these elements further when building upon a final idea. I examined areas that I thought would be best for children to want to spend a day out and planned possible, realistic routes that the tour could track across. The day spread across a number of locations such as Portland, Bridport, Weymouth and Chesil beach area. I needed a location with a lot of history but somewhere that also posed of interest to a wide range of age groups and mainly children. I did further research about the surround areas when I returned and decided the best place for the tour would be starting at Lyme Regis and making the journey across to Charmouth with the final location and tour ending at West Bay and Bridport. These are some of the most popular areas for fossil hunting which would tie in nicely with what most of the installation activities would hold for the children.


Fossil Festival

I researched into similar ideas and other events being promoted and supported by the Lyme Regis Development Trust. One main event I found was the Jurassic Earth Festival which inspired me into the types of digital media assets I could create. The Festival aims to attract a wide range of age groups to get together and simply celebrate the area, this history and the heritage of the site. Over the course of 3 days, attendees get to visit a number of areas across the Coast line and learn about the earth’s 185 million year history. Children are able to discover and hunt for fossils whilst exploring marine habitats and they can even choose to learn about the different types of cliff and how they were formed in the first place.

I wanted to take the content that is provided during this 3 day festival and turn it into 365 days a year learning experience in the form of a tour via mobile application. The fact that the Lyme Regis Trust are involved with the Jurassic Earth Festival mean that this would definitely be something of interest them when promoting the social and economic well being of the coast line.


Oculus Rift

I had basic ideas of using Oculus Rift to simulate a fossil hunting game for children. Children are generally more likely to want to learn about something if it means engaging with new technology so I decided to research into the usages and accessibility of Oculus Rift.  The equipment is basically a virtual reality headset with its main design purpose being for gaming. I thought that If I got their company on board, they could co-operate with the Lyme Regis Development Trust and design an interactive, educational fossil hunt that allows children to engage with their environment and travel through time, exploring never before seen areas of the Jurassic Coast.


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