The Brief

This brief challenged me to define a realistic client that could be seen working to attract a specific audience to the Jurassic Coast. The audience then needed to be defined and be suitable enough for the client to realistically work with it and also be a demographic that could be catered for when devising a digital media asset. The main aim was to build the idea of what the digital media asset would be and how it would attract the target audience into wanting to visit the coast. It would need to also be something that the client would realistically think about supporting and funding as a product or event. Company agendas would be needed to be analysed and specifics into the types of work they do to work out if they were a viable option to support the idea. Qualities of the audience would then have to be assessed such as practical issues and sociological issues so I could further develop thoughts of how to access and attract the audience to the coast.

These were simply some of the original ideas I needed to challenge myself into thinking about before I explored specifics of an idea with the digital media asset. Research would be of importance when examining audiences and ways to get people interested in the area and this would need to be linked to an agenda with a suitable company as I begin forming basic ideas of the project and how everything will link together into one.


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