The Idea Process

My first Idea

With my first idea, I planned to devise an expansive outside virtual tour that caters for an entire family, this would include location tracking, installations and educational interactivity.
My idea has evolved and developed through feedback but it began like this:

-People would begin at a set start location; everyone taking part gets given a bracelet that tracks location. This can then be used to interact with objects in the Jurassic Coast, leading you to land marks and specific locations around the area. This would stretch across a number of easily accessed locations all across the Jurassic Coast.
It aims to be educational, informative and entertaining so is something that all the family can take interest in.

Other features will include a small arena for the children to play in which uses headgear to simulate virtual reality around the environment around them. The simulations are catered to age groups so there is something for everyone.

Side Plans:

– A virtual fossil hunt app that tracks user location and uses the camera to scan and project a pretend image of what is under the ground. Families will have the option to download the app if they have smartphones or Tablets.

Using the Lyme Regis development trust to help set up installations around the area will help gain attention and allow people to find out about what is happening where as they take the tour.


Devising a final Idea

After presenting my idea and getting overall feedback on a near finalised idea, I realised it was not as focused as it needs to be. I had too many ideas surrounding one piece of technology so I thought about ways to keep more linearity within the asset and make it a more attractive idea for a family audience.

I started by looking at the content of the tour which I hadn’t asserted enough.


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